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In class one children are expected to read a minimum of three times a week.  Children benefit from reading little and often, reading for 5-10 minutes each day will support their progress in reading.   If a children read the minimum of three times a week they are rewarded with a class dojo point.



FS2 - have a set of tricky words on a key ring, starting with phase two.  Once they have learned to read and spell each set the receive a certificate and progress onto the next set of tricky words.

Year 1 - children in year 1 are given five spellings from the year 1 common exception word list.  The children need to learn to read and spell these words.  They are checked and set new words each week.



All phonemes (sounds) learned at school are recorded in the children's reading records along with some examples to practise at home.  Children are also given a reading book that matches the phonics teaching from that week.



Children all have access to numbots.  This should be accessed regularly to practise basic maths skills; place value, addition, subtraction and more.