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Pupil Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our Pupil Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

Pupil Premium Spending 2018/2019


Our Pupil Premium Children have once again made fantastic progress this year! We are so proud of all of them.


The Pupil Premium is currently £1320 per pupil. It is allocated to schools based on the number of children who claim free school meals, or who have claimed in the last 6 years, or who are Looked After Children. Children from service families are also allocated a pupil premium of £500.


We have 8 pupils who qualified for pupil premium funding, meaning that our allocation from April 2018 – March 2019 is £10560


The following year we will have 9 pupil premium pupils, 2 pupil premium plus pupils and 2 forces premium pupils.


As we have such a small number of pupil premium children, it is impossible to summarise the main barriers to educational achievement for these children because they all have individual needs. Therefore, the money is allocated very much on an individual basis following discussion with parents, children and teaching staff. We use structured conversation to review and agree targets, and to ‘get to know’ children more fully, so that we can gain a greater understanding and agreement about the way forward.

We acknowledge that increasing aspiration and achievement for children depends very much on their enjoyment of life and learning as well as the development of self-awareness and motivation to try new things. We know that with the development of these things academic success is more likely to follow.


This strategy was discussed and agreed with Geoff Wattam – Vice Chair of Governors, and Pupil Premium Governor on 16th May 2017. It was then agreed at the Finance committee on 16th May 2017.


With these things in mind this is how we propose to spend the funding:





Summer Term 2018 7 pupils

Cost Autumn & Spring 19 Terms

8 pupils

One-to-one support with a high level teaching assistant

To fill gaps in learning as soon as they happen.



One-to-one support with a teaching assistant

To fill gaps in learning as soon as they happen.



One-to-one support with a teaching assistant

To work on transition activities F to Yr1,

Yr6 to Yr 7








Enrichment and resources provision, including visits, clubs equipment etc


To support the development of self-awareness and motivation to try new things and increase aspirations


To enhance the curriculum, ensure the children are able to participate and to give the children the opportunity to experience new and challenging activities



Staff training and leadership time

To develop the quality of Pupil Premium provision by understanding what makes a difference to a Pupil Premium pupil







We measure the impact of our pupil premium funding in many ways specific to the pupils who recieve the funding. Being specific would enable these children to be identified. Below is a summary for those pupils funded up to the end of the academic year 2018.


July 2018 based on 7 children






Better than expected progress


2 pupils

1 pupil

Expected progress or better

7 pupils

7 pupils

7 pupils

Less than expected progress














2018 Progress Scores for KS2 Pupil Premium Children