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Meet the Staff

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff 1 Mrs Julia Wallace. Headteacher
Teaching Staff 2 Mr Richard Smith. Deputy & Year 3/4 Teacher
Teaching Staff 3 Mrs Sally Brownlow. SENCO & Foundation Teacher
Teaching Staff 4 Mr David Mills. Year 5/6 Teacher
Teaching Staff 5 Mrs Alison Padley. Year 1/2 Teacher
Teaching Staff 6 Mrs Claire Smith Foundation & Year1/2 Teacher
Teaching Staff 7 Mrs Karen Statham. Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Teaching Staff 8 Mrs Joy Blood. Teaching Assistant
Teaching Staff 9 Mrs Jane Cheyette. Teaching Assistant
Teaching Staff 10 Mrs Angela Baines. Teaching Assistant

Office Manager

Office Manager 1 Mrs Karen Bradley. Office Manager & Burser

Site Manager

Site Manager 1 Mr Phil Baines. Caretaker / Health&Safety Officer

Midday Supervisors

Midday Supervisors 1 Mrs Anna Callinswood. Senior Midday Supervisor
Midday Supervisors 2 Ms Michelle Arney. Midday Supervisor
Midday Supervisors 3 Mrs Dawn Claughton Midday Supervisor

Breakfast Club and 3:30 Club Staff

Breakfast Club and 3:30 Club Staff 1 Mrs Jane Cheyette. Wrap-around Care Lead

School Cooks

School Cooks 1 Mrs Ruth Mayfield. Senior Cook
School Cooks 2 Mrs Sarah Goodwin. Kitchen Assistant
School Cooks 3 Ms Michelle Arney. Kitchen Assistant