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Week Beginning 29.06.2020

Physical Development

There are different ways we can jump. We need to remember that it doesn’t matter what type of jump we do, we always have to land safely by landing on 2 feet and make sure your knees are bent!. When you are getting ready to jump, keep your head up, bend your knees and swing your arms. This will help you jump safely and go further. 

Here are some of the different jumps we were going to do in our gymnastic lessons in school…

  • Star jump
  • Tuck jump 
  • Straight/pencil jump
  • Full/Half turn
  • Squat jump (start in a squat position before jumping up high)

Here are a list of activities you could do at home that involve jumping…

  • Jumping over an object – plant pot, bucket, empty boxes, pillows/cushions (if allowed!)
  • Jumping from spot to spot/ line to line (you could draw spots/lines on the pavement or patio outside). Don’t just put them in a straight line, can you space them out and jump side to side?
  • Jumping over a skipping rope
  • Jumping dice – roll a dice, look at the number rolled and then complete the correct jumping exercise. The first person to complete all exercises is the winner!
      • Roll a 1 = Perform 20 star jumps
      • Roll a 2 = Perform 20 tuck jumps
      • Roll a 3 = Perform 20 pencil jumps
      • Roll a 4 = Perform 20 jumps with a ½ turn
      • Roll a 5 = Perform 20 jumps with a full turn
      • Roll a 6 = Perform 20 squat jumps

Visit tapestry for some different activities to try!


Understanding the World

Talk about the people in your family.  Family you see regularly and other family members that your child is familiar with too.  What makes them part of your family?  Are they cousins, grandparents, siblings?  Together make a family tree.  I have provided a template below.


For next weeks activity you will need some pictures of your family members.  Include pictures of your household family members.  Try and gather pictures from recently and in the past.



Sometimes using the mouse is a little tricky. Explore this website...

Here are some of the activities we were going to do in class to help us get better at using the mouse. 

  • Count with Lecky
  • Colour Sequence 
  • Dressing Lecky
  • Lecky’s Friends
  • Scary Spuds
  • Butterfly
  • Colour Train

Let me know which ones you explored and which was your favourite?


Expressive Arts

This week I want you to get creative!  I want you to create a piece of artwork with the theme of summer.  I don’t mind what media and tools you choose to use. You could use paints, clay, chalks, stones, recycled boxes, bottles.  Anything you like!  As long as your artwork has the theme of summer.  I can’t wait to see what you create…