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Week Beginning 27.04.2020

Physical Development

Make an obstacle course in your house or garden.  Consider the different ways you have to move around to complete the course; climb, jump, over, under, around, balancing.  After you have had a go can you give clear instructions/directions to another family member?  Remember to use positional language such as over, under, in around.


Understanding the World

Take a look at some of the photos shared from last weeks task (taking photos in your local community).  Do you recognise where they are taken?  Talk about what you recognise and where it could be. Mrs Martin will share the answers at the end of the week.


Select a range of items from around the home, are they electrical or non-electrical?  You can have actual items or pictures of.  Can children sort items that are electrical and not electrical?


Expressive Arts

Using the photo you took last week in your local community, can you recreate it?  You can use crafts, paints, colours or even natural resources from around you garden.  Make sure you share your work with us!