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Week Beginning 22.06.2020

Physical Development and Technology

This week for your writing task you have read Seren’s seasons.  With help from a parent can you search through your wardrobe (or another family members) and choose an outfit for each season?  You must try to put the clothes on yourself!  Remember buttons, zips and fastenings can help build those fine motor skills for writing.  Take photos whilst doing this, maybe you could try and take a selfie? If you have editing settings on your camera, ipad or phone have a play with these.  Remember to share the photos on tapestry.


Understanding the World and Expressive Arts

Over the last few weeks you have talked about and explored seasons.  Create a picture representing the four seasons, a great way to do this is to use four trees and change its appearance for each season. See the ideas below.  I have also attached a tree template.  You could use paints and some of the tools you used last week, crayons, natural resources, tissue paper, and much more!  Remember to share your finished piece of art on tapestry!