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Week Beginning 20.07.2020

Physical Development 
Parachute Activities – now I don’t expect everyone to have a parachute at home! But we all love getting the parachute out at school and doing lots of fun things with it so I thought we could improvise at home. An old bed sheet will do the same thing! I have added a list of activities you could do with your ‘parachute’…
And floats up in the sky

  • Making Waves – make small, medium or large movements to make various types of waves. Can you tell a story whilst making the waves?
  • Popcorn – place beanbags, small balls or even cotton balls in the middle of the parachute. Shake it to make them pop up like ‘popcorn’. 
  • Washing machine – put some clothes/teddies in the middle. Everyone round the outside acts as the washing machine. Someone to shout out words like ‘faster’ ‘slower’ or ‘change direction’ (to stop you getting dizzy!) Once the items have been ‘washed’, everyone now is the tumble drier and has to bounce the items dry. 
  • Shoe shuffle – each person takes off a shoe and throws it in the middle. After three, throw the shoes high in the air. Let go of the parachute and collect your shoe before it falls to the ground. 
  • Songs and rhymes – grand old duke of York, 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed (replace with teddies and try and get one to fall off the parachute),  when the parachute goes up (sung to the tune of if you’re happy and you know it). See further down for the words!
  • Mushroom – if there are enough of you playing with the parachute, can you make a mushroom? Get the parachute as high as you can, pull it over you and sit under it with your bottom on the edge of the parachute. 
  • Merry go round - Hold the parachute with one hand and walk/skip/run/jump or hop holding the parachute.
  • The flying parachute – all hold the edge and after 3 throw the parachute up in the air. Run underneath it and let it fall on your head, lie down so it falls on top of you or simple watch it float back to the ground. 

You will need as many people from your house to do this with you. The more the better! 


Sung to: “If you’re happy and you know it”

When the parachute goes up
Stomp your feet-
When the parachute goes up
Stomp your feet-


When the parachute is high

When the parachute goes up
Stomp your feet.

Additional verses:

Lift one leg…
Shout hooray!…
Bend your knees…
Wiggle your bottom…
Shake your head…


Understanding the World

The activity for Understanding the World this week will support your writing task.  At the beginning of the year the first piece of writing we did was to retell the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’.  I thought it would be lovely for class one to write their own version as their last write for this year.  To help write your story you should go on a walk in hunt of something, this can be a bear or use your imagination and hunt for something different… a minibeast, the Gruffalo, you decide!  While you are out walking I want you to think about what you walk through?  Think about words to describe this place and how you travel through it.



Log onto Purple Mash and find 2paint a picture.  Take your time to explore the following painting styles:-

  • Pointillism
  • Poly-mosaic
  • Swirly
  • Impressionism

Don’t they make pretty patterns? Choose your favourite style and paint a picture of your choice.  Your picture can be of anything you like… a car, an animal, a tree, the seaside, a park, a plane or even a picture of you!

I can’t wait to see them. Make sure you save it.


Expressive Arts