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Week Beginning 18.05.2020

Physical Development

Continue to spend some time playing ball games, such as; bouncing, catching, throwing, rolling/bowling, kicking.  You could play piggy in the middle, make a target practise or even better make up your own game


Understanding the World

Using the map you made last week can you use it to plan a walk?  Think about what you have plotted on your map, what will you pass? Write down the route of your walk.



On your walk following your own map, can you take photos of the different things you see? You could use an iPad, camera or even a parents phone.


Expressive Arts

Use the photos you took on your walk to create a photo album or a photo frame. If you don’t have access to a printer you can still make a photo album or a frame and we can print your photos when we return to school.  Get creative you could use card, an old cereal box, clay or lollipop sticks!