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Week Beginning 15.06.2020

Physical Development

This week I want you to practice your catching skills. Remember what Martin taught us when we did cricket with him. Be ready all the time! Keep hands close together, watch the ball when it is being thrown, not the person and don’t be scared to move to catch the ball. Your feet are not glued to the ground! When you have caught the ball, hold it tight and bring it to your chest. If you have balls that are different sizes, practice using them all. Which size ball is the easiest/hardest to catch?

Here are a list of activities that you could do that will help you become brilliant catchers…

  • Bounce the ball on the ground and catch it. 
  • Get a family member to play catch with you. Start close together and gradually get further apart. 
  • Throw the ball in the air and catch it without letting it bounce. Catch with 2 hands. Can you catch 1 handed? How many times can you catch it without dropping it?
  • Throw, Bounce, Catch - throw the ball in the air, let it bounce once on the ground and catch it with 2 hands. Can you catch it with 1 hand?
  • Throw the ball in the air and clap your hands once, then catch the ball. How many times can you clap whilst the ball is in the air?
  • Throw the ball in the air, do a whole turn on the spot and catch it with 2 hands before it falls to the ground.
  • If you are allowed (check first!!) throw the ball against a brick wall outside (away from windows!) and catch it when it comes back to you. 
  • 1,2,3, catch – move around your garden in different ways, when someone shouts out 1,2,3 catch, throw the ball in the air gently and catch it. 
  • Drop catch – have a grown up hold a ball in the air. They drop the ball in front of you and you have to try and catch it. 


Understanding the World

Continue to talk about seasons again.  The video from last week is below if you wish to rewatch. Can you play this matching game together (see resources).  Simply match the pictures up to the four seasons.


Your task this week is to help your grown-ups as much as you can with all things technical.  So that includes the…

  • Oven 
  • Washing Machine 
  • Tumble Drier
  • Television
  • Mobile Phone
  • iPad

Get someone to take some photos of you using all the things around your house.


Expressive Arts

This week I would like you to do a painting of what you can see out your window.  I would like to see you use different tools to make marks with the paint.  You could use paint brushes, rolling pins, twigs, cutlery, and lots more!