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Week Beginning 13.07.2020

Physical Development 

So this is the week you finally get to put your practise into play. It is your own Sports Day!! Choose a day and a time and enjoy every moment. 

Remember your sports day is supposed to be fun. Taking part is what matters and trying your best. If you want to keep score and see who wins then that is fine. It is up to you! If that is what you want to do that then you may need a leader board. If you have a chalkboard you could use this, or a piece of paper will do. Write down all the names of the people taking part in your Sports Day. It is up to you and your family how you keep score. You could simply write down who came 1st, 2nd, 3rd in each race, you could time each other and make up a scoring system according to who was the quickest/slowest. You decide whatever suits you. 

Maybe invite some of your family, friends or neighbours to watch either from a safe distance or by video calling them! 

Don’t forget to take lots of pictures and videos of your sports day! 


Understanding the World

Earlier this term you created your own potion along with instructions.  This week can you follow a set of instruction for a potion.  Read the potion instructions together.  Discuss what you think will happen and make predictions. Whilst making the potion make observations together.


You all did so well with finding the letters on the keyboard and typing your name on the computer at school I thought I would set you a little challenge! 

Can you type a letter or send an email to a friend or someone in your family. It doesn’t have to be long, you could just say hello or ask them a question.  You can use teams to do this if you are set up, or you can even send an email to Mrs Smith or Mrs Martin...


Expressive Arts

This week your writing task is all about monsters!  Can you design and make your own monster that you will write about at the end of the week.  You can use anything from empty bottles, tubes, paper, natural resources.  Remember to share your monsters with us on tapestry.