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Week Beginning 11.05.2020

Physical Development

Spend some time playing ball games, such as; bouncing, catching, throwing, rolling/bowling, kicking.  You could play piggy in the middle, make a target practise or even better make up your own game

Understanding the World 

Think about your local community/environment.  Remember the location you talked about last week.  Can you make a map to this place?  This can be drawn, painted, junk modelling, clay, crafts, natural resources.


Continuing from last week talk about the things you found on your technology hunt. Are they similar to what we use in school?  Do we have different types of technology in school?  Choose three pieces of technology from either home or school and write a sentence about what they are used for.

Expressive Arts

What is your favourite song?  This could be a nursery rhyme, something in the top 40 or even a film score.  Make up your own dance routine.