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Week Beginning 08.06.2020

Physical Development

Focus on over arm throwing.  Just like last week you could practise with different types of balls, beanbags and even teddies.  You could predict how far each item will go, measure and record just like last week too! Javelin and darts are both great games for practising over arm throwing.  If you haven’t got these games at home you could use kitchen roll or gift wrap tubes for javelin.


Understanding the World

Talk about the seasons together.  We do this in class as the seasons change, normally when we do our calendar in the morning.  The children love to talk about what they have noticed outside, especially in the winter. Watch the video below.  Talk about which parts of the video is Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.



Use the picture scavenger hunt (see resources) to take photos using a camera, ipad or phone.  Can you find all of these things by the end of the week?  You could have a race with a sibling to see who can complete the challenge first.

Expressive Arts

Did you enjoy completing the ‘2 do’ on purple mash last week?  This week can you play an instrument or create a beat on the ‘2beat’ (I have set another ‘2do’) in tune to a nursery rhyme or song.  If you don’t have any instruments you could use pots and pans!  If you want to explore the ‘2beat’ further… To get to the ‘2beat’ activity enter mini mash, click on the door to go outside and click on the girl playing the instruments…