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Week Beginning 06.07.2020

Physical Development

Create your own Sports Day! We can’t have Sports Day this year at school but let’s not miss out! Come up with some different activities that you can do in your garden and have in your very own sports day at home. Here are some ideas of activities you could do…

  • Egg and Spoon race – this is a classic sports day race. If you are using real eggs, don’t forget to hard boil them first so you don’t get yolk everywhere!
  • Running race – set up a track that goes around your house or in a straight line for a sprint.
  • Skipping/jumping race.
  • Sack race – if you haven’t got any sacks lying around then use old pillow cases if you are allowed. 
  • Obstacle race - the perfect event to use your imagination! The course can be made up of anything, from jumping over household items or crawling under duvets, to doing cartwheels or walking with a beanbag on your head. 
  • Bucket run – place a bucket far away and a number of bean bags (or any objects) leading up the bucket. Collect one bean bag at a time, run and put it in the bucket. Repeat until all beanbags are in the bucket.

The above are just to start you thinking. You could have a throwing activity (knocking down tins, target throwing) scooter/bike race or a chair crawl. The list is endless. I am sure you can come up with your own ideas! 

Choose 5 different ones (or however many you like!), get all your family together and start practising. Your real sports day will be next week! Practise makes perfect! 

Don’t forget taking part in lots of sports is hard work. Think of some nice refreshing drinks and healthy snacks you might have on the day. 


Understanding the World 

In school we have enjoyed hunting for mini beasts.  Can you go on a mini beast hunt in your garden or whilst venturing out? What bugs will you find?  I have included some check lists and observations sheets for you to use.


I have set a photo challenge this week. You will need a camera or if you ask nicely I am sure your Mummy or Daddy will let you use their phone to take pictures. Choose one of the following challenges:-

  • Name– take pictures of things that start with the letters of your name. Will you do your first name or both names? What about taking a name from someone in your family? I could try and guess their name!  Here is an example of one…can you work out the person’s name?
  • Alphabet – go through the alphabet and take a picture of different things that start with each letter of the alphabet. So you could take a picture of an apple for A, ball for B, carrot for C, dog for D etc. Have fun!

Can you put your pictures on to the computer? Ask a grown up to help. I can’t wait to see what pictures you take! 


Expressive Arts

Create your own dance routine!  Think about the repeating patterns work we have been doing in maths over the last couple of weeks.  Can you create a dance using a repeating pattern?  You could choose a song or nursery rhyme to dance to if you wish. You can choose as many different moves as you wish but make sure you create a pattern.