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Week Beginning 04.05.2020

Physical Development

Improve the obstacle course you made last week.  Consider the different ways you have to move around to complete the course; climb, jump, over, under, around, balancing.  After you have had a go can you give clear instructions/directions to another family member?  Remember to use language such as over, under, in around.  This week you are also going to write some instructions to go alongside this!  Please check out the writing activities for this week.


Understanding the World

Think about your local community/environment.  Talk about things you do/go to on your doorstep and in the local area; park, school, post office, duck pond, church, pub, etc.  Can you describe your route?  Think about what you go past, through, over.



Talk about the word technology and what we think it means.  Then go on a technology hunt around the house.  How many things can you find?  Take pictures and share on tapestry, lets see who can find the most!


Expressive Arts

What is your favourite nursery rhyme?  Can you change some of the words to make your own version?  For example “twinkle, twinkle little star my dad drives a rusty car…” as a twist on the traditional twinkle, twinkle song.