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Week Beginning 01.06.2020

Physical Development

Focus on underarm throwing.  You could practise with different types of balls, beanbags and even teddies!  You could select a range of things to practise with and measure which you can throw the furthest, make a chart and measure with your feet, a tape measure or even construction blocks.  This activity lends itself to so many areas of learning, you could even make a prediction before you start!  We like enjoy playing bowls in the garden. Maybe you have a bowls or bowling pin/skittles set you can use...

Understanding the World

Plant a sunflower or another type of flower.  Keep a diary (see resources) and monitor it’s growth each week.  In the front of the sunflower diary provided there is an instructions template too, you could complete this so you remember for next time or to help a younger sibling or friend.


For this week I have set a ‘2 do’ on purple mash.  The activity is to teach rhythm and pulse by building up various beats. Can you make your own beat?  If you need your log in please email Mrs Martin –  There is a video on tapestry explaining how to navigate purple mash.  Simply log in and you will see the main page, click the red icon at the top labelled '2do' and complete the activities set (see photos below).  Enjoy and remember to save your work so I can see it!

Expressive Arts

Spend some time exploring colour mixing. Remember a good place to start with the primary colours, black and white.  What different colours will you make?  What do you notice?  How do you make light green (and other colours)?  Can you explain how you made a colour?  I have provided some suggested activities (see pictures below).