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Ways to support Dyslexia and Processing

Dyslexia and Processing

There are many ways to support your child with dyslexic and processing barriers to learning at home. The key is supporting working memory, to enable learning to commit to long term memory.

For example, this involves, lots of repetition to support spelling and sight vocabulary with words in isolation and also, words in the context of a book. If your child is struggling with a particular word in spelling, get them to write it as big as they can, as small as they can, race you to write it as many times as they can and also write it with their eyes closed. This repetition daily will support long term memory. This can also be done with reading a particular word of difficulty: writing it on card and reading it, sticking it in usual places around the house for your child to find it and read it and also, tracking it in their reading books.

  •  Dyslexia Gold is offering free support during school closures.
  •  SOS spelling is a dyslexia friendly approach to learning spelling. A step by step guide can be found   here:
  •  Complete some of the Listen and Do activities which support memory