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September 2019's Residential to Robin Hoods Bay

It was a rather cloudy day when we left Dunham on Wednesday 18th September on our residential to Robin Hoods bay.  We waved goodbye to our parents as they waved us off with tears in their eyes, sat back in our seats and sang all the way to our first destination, The Birds of Prey Centre. We were lucky enough to watch a flying demonstration before our picnic lunch.  After a walk round the centre it was time to get back on the coach and continue on our journey to Robin Hoods Bay and the Old School House which was to be our home for 2 nights.


After what seemed like forever and a lot of singing we arrived to glorious sunshine.  We unloaded our things from the coach before the descent into Robin Hoods Bay.  Once we arrived we unpacked our things before our evening meal.  Once we had eaten we explored Robin Hoods Bay at night.  Mr Smith tried getting us lost in the narrow streets, but no matter where we went we always found our way to where we needed to be.

After a good nights sleep we were ready to explore the rock pools looking for various sea creatures.  We spent some time in search of creatures from the deep before going back to the Old School House for some lunch.  Once we had eaten our lunch we headed off to the beach again for our coastal walk looking at the cliffs and how the sea erodes them away.  We walked down to Boggle Hole before the ascent to the top of the cliffs.  WOW! What a climb that was, but it was worth it the views were stunning.

Once we had finished our walk we went back on the beach for a play in the sand and an ice-cream.  As the tide started to turn we started to make our way back to our temporary home for a much needed evening meal before our visit of the Magic Lantern Man.  We were very keen to learn the history of Robin Hoods Bay and see how lives have changed since the late 1800's.  Then it was off to bed and prepare for our journey home via the Sea Life Sanctuary in Scarborough.  The sun was shinning as we arrived, we were so excited to know we would see penguins, sea lions, jelly fish as well as otters.

We were lucky enough to watch the otters and seals have their breakfast of fish and baby chicks.  Sadly it was time to say 'goodbye' to the sea creatures, head back to the coach and head home.

The coach was a lot quieter on the way back as many of us including Mrs Brownlow were asleep!  Once we knew we were near home the singing started and there was a lot of excitement as our families were waiting for us.  It was a wonderful adventure and we can not wait until our next one!

Please watch the photo presentation to see the fun we had!