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Planting Beans

As a class we were investigating the best place to build a castle where it could be defended and where we coud grow our crops.  Some of the children thought they could build their castle underground - in a cave- and plant their crops there too; so we decided as a class to investigate where the best place would be to plant our beans.

Some children suggested underground in cave like conditions so we planted our beans in a hole and covered them over with a plastic box and covered them with soil.  Some children suggested they get planted inside where it is light and warm, others suggested they were kept in a cupboard and watered.

After we had carried out our digging and planting we predicted what might happen.  Please check back to find out about our investigations.

A couple of weeks later we checked the bean seeds/ plants to see what if anything had happened.  We predicted the bean seeds that were planted outside with light and water would grow.  The beans that had been planted in the ground and covered over so no light or water could get to them we predicted would grow.  The beans left to grow in a cupboard some children predicted would grow and other children weren't too sure.  Here are some of the photos taken during this lesson.