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Over the next two weeks it is a great opportunity to revise phase four blends.  Now we have come to the end of phase four!  I have provided some activities, games and worksheets that you can use below. It is important to ensure your child has mastered phase two and three phonemes as well as the blends practised in phase four before moving on.  All of phase four blends are still available on the home learning pages from previous weeks.


As well as revising phonemes and blends already learned, it a great chance to check in and make sure there are no gaps. During the next few weeks you can focus on any phonemes and blends that your child needs extra support with.  I have included the sound mats we use in class. Go through them by pointing to each phoneme asking what it is.  In class we also check by asking them to find a specific phoneme ‘can you find the ar sound?’.  After checking individual phonemes it is important to ensure they can sound and blend these in words.  I have provided a word list including words covered in phases two, three and four. Ask your child to read these, it doesn’t matter if they sound and blend these or say them by sight.  If your child sounds out the phonemes but doesn’t blend them together it would be beneficial to practise this skill.  Once you have done this please let us know how your child has got on, we love to hear how well they are doing but can also give some support if you find there is something your child is struggling with.


After you have had the opportunity to check in and revise previously taught phonics, I will begin to share phase five phonics with you.