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Homework throughout school

If children have after school commitments such as swimming, music lessons etc. there is no expectation that homework will be done on that day


Homework at Dunham-on-Trent Primary School will be based around the practice and consolidation of basic skills.

Reading Practice - Ideally, we would like reading practice to take place daily at home, where it should be recorded in the child’s reading diary.

Number Bonds and Times-tables Practice - There is also an expectation that children are learning number bonds and times tables. Multiplication is taught using the understanding that, for example, 2x3 is 2 multiplied by 3, or 2 3times, rather than 2 groups of (or lots of) 3.

Spelling - Completing an element of ‘word-study’ to support their spelling is also important. Word study is an approach that uses many different memory strategies to enable children to learn their spellings and recall them during writing.


In Class 3


Children to read for themselves or to an adult ideally 5 times a week but at least 3 times, for about 10 minutes. Reading diaries are checked on a Friday for the number of ‘reads at home’.


Children are given 5 words from the National Curriculum list and 10 words based on the rules they are learning in class. Children practise the spellings of their words using word study for no more than10 minutes a night. Further practise is for school time and children are supported in class to remember as many spellings as possible.


Children are given the table that they need to practise. They spend 5 minutes revising or learning that table, using Times Tables Rock Stars if possible.


Total time of study about 20 to 25 minutes on weekdays. Class 3 children may need support to complete their study.


Thank you for your continued support. Mrs Brownlow