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Hand Held Learning Apps for SEND Children


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Free Must-Have iPad Apps for Special Education

ABA Flash Cards & Games – Emotions – This app covers over 20 different emotions via gorgeous flash cards and interactive games.

ABA – Problem Solving – What Does Not Belong? - This game comes pre-loaded with hundreds of unique images to provide hours of learning and entertainment.

Autism Apps - Autism Apps is simply a comprehensive list of apps that are being used with and by people diagnosed with autism, Down syndrome, and other special needs.

Autism Emotion - Autism Emotion uses music and a photo slideshow to help teach about different emotions: happy, sad, proud, and calm.

AutismXpress – This app is designed to encourage people with autism to recognize and express their emotions through its fun and easy-to-use interface.

ChoiceBoard-Creator - It is the perfect app for creating customizable choice boards for the unique needs of individuals with communication challenges. It reinforces correct choice by expanding the selected image as well as playing the customized auditory rewards.

ChoreMonster - Kids earn points by completing their chores or tasks. Earn rewards like ice cream, an hour of Xbox, or a camping trip. Win monsters at the Monster Carnival (over 100 available, more being added monthly!).

Flashcards for Kids – First Food Words - Includes gorgeous photographs that are carefully hand-picked and selected. Additional words are available through in-app purchase.

iTouchiLearn Words for Preschool Kids Free: Spelling, Reading, Letters - Engaging and interactive animations and activities that teach kids about the context of words while making them laugh. Each word game reinforces learning with virtual rewards. Interactive word animations associate words and corresponding action.

Learn to Speak – I Like Fall (Book for Speech Therapy) - Add your own voice to this interactive picture book.

Let’s Build a Bedroom – Build a bedroom with toys, music, and more.

Let’s Name Things Fun Deck - This colorful vocabulary app has 52 illustrated picture cards plus audio of each card’s text.

Model Me Going Places 2 – This app is a great visual teaching tool for helping students learn to navigate challenging locations in the community. Each location contains a photo slide show of children modeling appropriate behavior.

My First Voice Lite – This app has been created using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to allow children with autism or any other language deficit to easily and effectively communicate their basics needs and wants in five main categories: food, drink, clothing, toys, and emotions using actual photographs and real voices. The Photo and Voice library contains over 100 actual photographs of food, drink, clothing, and toys, nine emotions, and four common requests icons.

My Little Suitcase - My Little Suitcase is a children’s travel application where children pack for their family vacation and choose where to go!

My Little Suitcase – The Memory Board Game - The game involves finding all the cards that go into your suitcase. The best way to do that is to remember where other items from your suitcase are if the other player has previously turned them over.

Snow Wonder - Welcome to Snow Wonder, a winter playground where you can build your own snowman and play in the snow. Pack your choices by dragging them into the suitcase. When you are finished, tap the arrow to go to the snow. Now you can arrange your snowman, making it tall or short, or upside down.

Social Stories Creator and Library for Preschool, Autism and Special Needs – This is an amazing app for easily creating, sharing, and printing educational social stories, visual schedules, and beautiful memories. 20 completed social stories are available for IAP.

Speech Therapy – I Love Mom Picture Book – Add your own voice to this interactive picture book.

A Sunny Day - A Sunny Day is an app for kids with autism to understand simple behaviors in daily life.

Touch and Learn – Emotions - You can use Touch and Learn to teach basic concepts such as "boy vs. girl" or advanced concepts such as feelings (e.g. happy, sad, frustrated, etc.). This game comes pre-loaded with over 100 unique images to provide hours of learning and entertainment.

Verbally - Verbally is an easy-to-use, comprehensive Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app for the iPad. In-app upgrade with more features available.

Visual Cue Lite – This app offers five useful tools for students to learn to communicate through pictures. Additional features available with IAP.

Visual Timer – Time Tracker Pro - Make every moment count with this visual Timer App. Touch the app and move your fingers in clockwise direction to set time.


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