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Curious about castles

Curious about Castles

 Title:  Curious about Castles

Scenario: Mike the Knight has to build a castle in a place where he doesn’t know anyone, can we help him?

PSED- How might he be feeling? Making new friends

L- Name and letter writing/ Labels and captions./ Sentence structure/ Recount

CL – Circle Time – How to be a good friend

M - Number recognition and ordering

UTW- The best place to build a castle/ Forces/ materials/ changing materials/ looking at castles through time./ plant cress where will it grow?

PD- Climbing/balancing/basic safety

EAD- Painting skills/colour mixing/ printing/experimenting with texture in 2D and 3D - create the Sun and Castle by Paul Klee/ weaving

ICT- bee bots/ laptops/ camera and listening station

Role Play – Castle