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Conscience Corridor

What is Conscience Corridor?

Also known as 'Conscience Alley', the group takes on 2 contrasting viewpoints to provide a tunnel of thoughts for the character travelling through.

Split the group into 2 and ask them to form 2 lines facing each other - this is the 'tunnel. The tunnel will provide contrasting thoughts of the person walking along it.

As the character walks through the tunnel, those closest to him/her in the line will vocalise their thoughts, persuading the character to take one or the other course of action.

As the character reaches the end of the tunnel they can join one of the lines to indicate the choice they have made.

Build up to the Thought Tunnel with discussions around the key points involved in the decision being made by the thought tunnel.

The tunnel/line could increase the intensity of their thoughts as the character passes them.

This encourages the line to listen to the preceding comments and to adapt theirs as necessary in order to build the intensity.