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Class 3


In class three we will also be sending home a maths problem each week. This is to develop reasoning skills and could be based on class work or something that we feel needs revising.

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Each Thursday children will be provide with a list of 10 spellings. These will be based on the spellling rule taught during that week. The following week children will have a minute test each day over the course of the week. The expectation is that children will learn a couple more each day and increase their score. In addition the children will choose 5 words from the common exception list each week and highlight them as they get them correct.

These will be tested every Thursday.


Any practise takes place in their WORD and NUMBER STUDY BOOK.

All the information below is from previous years.  If you would like to look through this please feel free as it shows the various activities the children have been studying.  Thank you.