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Class 2

Hi All, 

As we have been off now for many weeks I just wanted to tell you that whatever you are doing at home with your children, you are doing a great job! In these unprecedented times you have had to become teachers and whilst we are here to support you, it has been down to you to engage the children with their learning.

When we first locked down there was a huge array of options of things for you to do. We have begun to slim that down somewhat, but we are also aware that different homes like different activities, and there has to be an element of choice. The links below seem to be the ones that most of you, between you, like to use. The White Rose Maths work is still there, but I have now added on the worksheets that you can print off and do at home if you wish to.


Had we returned to school much of the focus would have been on handwriting, phonics, reading and maths. 

 Whilst at home please continue to use:


for Year 1



for Year 2

Some Y2 pupils have their revision books that they purchased from school which seem to have been a bigger blessing than we ever could have imagined!

Of course it is always good to get children writing. This could be in the form of creative writing, such as stories, or recount, like a diary of what they've been up to whilst at home. I would just ask the Year 1s to focus on correct sentence writing, and the Y2s to look at use of coordinating and subordinating conjunctions.


Government Approved!

Lessons for a whole week on a variety of subjects. Only 3 hours a day. Click on the link for your year group.

Year 1-

Year 2-

New Twinkl Parents' Hub link for work ideas (added 20/4/2020)


White Rose Maths Work

This keeps updating on a weekly basis to keep those Maths skills up!

Year 1

Year 2


Class 2 Years 1&2


Children to read with an adult at least 5 times a week.


Children in Year 1 are given 5 phonics based words and 5 words from the year 1 list.

Children in Year 2 are given 10 phonics based words and 5 words from the year 1 or 2 list.

Ideally practise using word study for no more than 10 minutes Monday to Friday.

Spellings are tested from memory on the Friday.


Year 2 Children are given the tables that they need to practise.

They spend 5 minutes revising or learning that table, using Times Tables Rock Stars if possible Year 1 number bonds practice linked to their maths learning in class.


Total time of study about 15 to 20 minutes on weekdays.

Class 2 children will need support to complete their study.

PE Days

Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school for a Monday and Thursday. It is better to leave it in for the half term. Also, please take any ear studs out on these days. Hair bobbles should also be worn as long hair needs to be fastened back.