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Years 5 & 6 Class4 Curriculum

On this page you can find all the information regarding the Class 4 (Years 5 & 6 ) curriculum.  Click on

Years 5&6 Long term framework 2018-2019 Year A  to find out about the specific topics for Class 4. (Years 5&6 Long term framework 2017-2018 Year B for the previous academic year.) All of our curriculum is currently under review and so the Autumn term is complete but the Spring and Summer terms are soon to be finalised. The further links are for pages relating to the broarder curriculum.


The Year 5&6 curriculum also incudes numerous enrichment opportunities, with residential visits to Whitby and Hagg Farm Outdoor centre. As part of their moral and spiritual learning Class 4 also visit the National Holocaust Centre, the St. Philips Centre and Southwell Minster . They have tuition from the DARE program regarding drugs and from the NSPCC for safeguarding.